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The system is available with glossy and matt fronts

The vertical and horizontal Nero fold-away beds manufactured by us are the response to inquiries and interest by children, youths and their parents. You need just a few minutes, to turn a functional bedroom into a cosy day room, acquiring the necessary space. 
Thanks to the belts to secure the mattress, you do not need an extra bed linen storage closet. 
The horizontal version of the bed can be expanded up a top unit to both enrich the piece and improve its functionality. 
All our fold-away beds are safety-certified. 
The metal frame ensures a stable structure, and the fixed pockets, in which the battens are embedded, are made of spring plywood; they eliminate the risk of structure creaking and prevent the mattress from being worn thin. 
The mattress height should be 15 cm – we include such a mattress in our offer range. 
The safe opening and closing of the bed is possible thanks to the use of high-quality spring-aided mechanisms. 

Thanks to the rich offer of structures, it will be easy for anyone to arrange their room, even the smallest one, where every centimetre counts.

Nero has a range of advantages allowing better organisation. Additional drawers, shelves at the beds and storage spaces in desks make the furniture even more functional. In addition, the diverse and modern colours of the fronts, and their shapes, make the piece stand out and stress its character.

We offer two front finish options:
- matte
- glossy

Our collection is intended mainly for a youth room. The combination of colors as well as matt and gloss variants make the Nero also look great in your living room.

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